Pintados de Pasi – Festival of Culture and Creativity

Pintados de Pasi – Festival of Culture and Creativity

Iloilo is a home to several colorful festivals, and Passi City takes pride and honor to showcase one of Iloilo’s greatest celebrations of colors and fun – Pintados de Pasi Festival. Passi City has been known to be “Sweet City” due to its massive pineapple plantations. Apart from all the rice and pineapple production, Passi also promotes their iconic festival.



Long ago, when Spaniards arrived at the place, they were welcomed by men inked with heavy tattoos. Since then, Passi has acknowledged their ancestors by celebrating their prestigious and most grandiose festival. It was said before; tattooing is an art of showing your status and accomplishments. For men, fighters and warriors usually own tattoos with detailed lines on their chests or heads, those who have the most detailed tattoos were given to warriors who have killed more rivals. On the other hand, women possess tattoos on their arms with simpler designs marks as a sign of beauty.


The festivity showcases not just a mere festival, but, a celebratory of culture that has been passed on from time. During the event, there are certain activities held and the highlight of all is the tribal dance competition. Performers were covered and inked with tattoos as they dance along with the beat of drums and handcrafted bamboos. There are also activities like Garden Show, Food Festival, Karosa Parade, Pintados Pageant, Pinta Lawas, Pasundayag, and many more! With this, locals and tourists interest more to experience the most artful event of Region VI.

Pintados de Pasi is surely a festivity you can’t afford to miss! Have a list of festivals around Iloilo with Iloilo blog.

Featured Image Source: Raine Medina

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