A Taste of Aklan’s Best – Ramboy’s Manokan

A Taste of Aklan’s Best – Ramboy’s Manokan

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A Taste of Aklan’s Best – Ramboy’s Manokan





Not being biased but they truly have the crispiest and juiciest Liempo and Lechon manok!


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Let’s bound to the northwest part of the Panay Island, 4-hour travel from Iloilo City and the Home of Ati-atihan Festival – Aklan! As an Akeanon by blood, I take pride to showcase one of Aklan’s bests – Ramboy’s. Located at the heart of the province, Kalibo, Ramboy’s offers the juiciest and crispiest Liempo and Lechon manok.

With over 18 branches scattered nationwide, Ramboy’s is ready to serve the best of Aklan in your plates. Iloilo was the first place where Ramboy’s chained out. There are 3 branches of Ramboy’s around the city, SM Southpoint, Diversion Road and Molo.


Liempo and Lechon Manok have been Filipino’s favorites. Ramboy’s serves a crispy-licious Liempo and best-tasting Lechon manok that will surely make you drool. The slow charcoal roasting of the Liempo makes the skin of Liempo crunchy as a chicharon. It comes with Ramboy’s own recipe of flavorful gravy sauce that makes the dish even more appetizing. Aside from their specialty, they also offer other Filipino native cuisines like Sinigang, Pancit varieties such as Bihon Guisado, Sotanghon Guisado and Canton Guisado, Chopsuey, Pinkabet and much more mouthwatering goodness!


Latest chained branch of Ramboy’s was at SM Southpoint which is the most visited branch here in Iloilo. This provides accessibility and proximity to those who can’t get off the Liempo and Lechon manok addiction! Ramboy’s has been loved by Ilonggos making it part of any occasion. Even in simple get-togethers, this dish brings delight to everyone!

Nothing beats the native taste of local foods! There are more to discover in Iloilo and even the entire Panay – Iloilo blog will give you insights of those natural wonders and indulging where-to-eat destinations.

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