Roberto’s: Palace of The Queen Siopao

Roberto’s: Palace of The Queen Siopao

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Roberto’s: Palace of The Queen Siopao





Honestly, the place needs a change in the ambiance but what keeps the place standing on its feet is the notable flavors the restaurant brings.



Along the busy JM Basa Street in the heritage district of Downtown Iloilo City is the iconic Roberto’s Restaurant. It has been one of the oldest and most famous snack houses in the City of Iloilo. It is well-known to the locals and tourists of the city.


You’ll find the place always jam-packed with people all the time as it is visited by people who crave their dishes and cooking. The restaurant has also survived a lot of competitors and still conquers some of the famous food establishments that emerged along the street.


They withstand the challenges by adding more dishes on their menu.  The restaurant serves different types of pancit, vegetables, and meat menus. For the pancit, what I like most is their sotanghon guisado while they have others like bihon and canton. If you want a meatier dish you can try their fried meat-balls, sweet and sour meatballs, fried lumpia, morcon and relleno.


Your visit to this restaurant won’t be complete without trying and bringing home some of their best-sellers. The best-sellers of the Roberto’s are their variety of siopaos and burgers. For the siopao, they serve different kinds depending on the filling and the size. They have the regular pork adobo siopao, chicken adobo siopao, king siopao, and the largest and most special one the Queen siopao which contains chicken-pork adobo, bacon, Chinese sausage, and whole egg.

Try this place and you might find your “queen” or “king” you are searching.

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