Have a moment of Serenitea

Have a moment of Serenitea

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Have a moment of Serenitea

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The place was small, but the milk tea experience is big!



Strolling around Megaworld late at night, I had some sudden cravings for my ultimate love, milk tea! Together with my sister, we roam around the area and luckily, we found a place of bliss. It was on last August 3, 2018, a newly opened branch of a milk tea shop opened at Megaworld, Iloilo – Serenitea. Actually, I just saw Serenitea from my best friend’s IG stories and of course as a milk tea enthusiast I promptly asked where it is located.  

Serenitea provides a bunch of happiness for us, milk tea lovers. The place is just small and cozy but it will surely offer you a great milk tea experience. They have various milk tea flavor preferences, hot and cold. Also, aside from milk teas, you can also treat yourself with some snacks Serenitea offers such as Squid balls, Hash browns, Corn, Fries, and Chicken Delights. Choose what best matches your milk tea drink.


What I had for my first Serenitea milk tea was my all-time favorite, Wintermelon-flavored! You can add sinkers for your milk tea, I actually prefer pearls but it was unavailable the time I bought, so I had crystals. But to my surprise, it was all good! You can also pick your sugar level, to avoid a sugar rush I chose 75% of sugar only. Still, my Wintermelon milk tea tasted so fine. Serenitea helps you customize your own milk tea!

If you’re wondering where Serenitea is specifically located, it’s a few steps away from Festive Mall. It’s just across the building of Courtyard Hotel at Megaworld, Mandurriao. Whenever you feel stressed or drained, trust me, milk teas will make your day brighter – but it’s best to go with a Serenitea milk tea.

There are actually a lot of food and drink places to discover here in Iloilo, their doors are always open for your new foodstuff adventure!

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