Sheridan Boutique Resort Offers You The Cosmopolitan Experience

Sheridan Boutique Resort Offers You The Cosmopolitan Experience

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Sheridan Boutique Resort Offers You The Cosmopolitan Experience






Sheridan Boutique Resort is great for both relaxing on your own and holding events.


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Perfect for a short-drive getaway from the busy streets and business center of Iloilo is the Sheridan Boutique Resort located at Brgy. Buran, Oton, Iloilo. Zen-enthused Sheridan Boutique Resort is one of the few sophisticated places in Iloilo. Away from the pressurized metropolitan, the countryside but diverse resort is the seamless escape for lovers, groups, and families as its appealing fine-tuning carries comfort.


The aesthetics of the structures and ornamentation radiate Thai and Balinese inspirations that complement the indulging striking application to the whole resort. They are honored of their Ayanna Garden Restaurant that will pacify you while dining, Azure Infinity Pool that reflects the blue skies and imitates serenity into it, Casitas Rooms that offer you with Balinese stirred accommodation, and Wilfredo’s Event Place that covers a spacious pavilion and is entrancing enough for large celebrations.

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The resort bargains excursion packages for clients who are not staying the night but want to relish the infinity pool. Furthermore, their restaurant is happy to serve to all guests.


Spree in an indulging experience as Sheridan Boutique Resort Iloilo brings you deluxe accommodations with excellent coziness and amenities.

A  beach resort near Sheridan that you can also check out is the Adhara Boutique Resort.

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