SM City’s #CineEuropa21

SM City’s #CineEuropa21

Filipinos — particularly Ilonggos — who are awed at the sights and wonders of Europe are countless. And good news to every Europe-obsessed Ilonggo out there. The biggest running film festival in the country enters its 21st year, and it’s back! The Cine Europa film festival is kicking off today and will be showing in SM City.

This year’s Cine Europa is airing in connection with the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018. And for sure, there will be loads of cross-cultural eye-opening moments to look out for.

Cross-cultural Efforts

According to Ambassador Jessen, the Cine Europa film festival is one of the most effective means for the European Union to reach out to the Filipinos. It’s one of the most unique ways of showcasing European cultural diversity in the Philippines.

And we’re positively thrilled to know that the Film Development Council of the Philippines isn’t planning on halting this cross-cultural practice anytime soon. The agency affirmed that it was pleased to continue its long-standing collaboration with the European Union in promoting film diversity; according to PhilStar.

EU Movies

Cine Europa film festival will be showing 28 movies from 16 EU member states. Notably, these countries are Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

In addition, the Cine Europa film festival will also feature the movie, “The Lease” for the first time. It’s an Italian-Filipino paranormal thriller directed by filmmaker Paolo Bertola; starring, Ruben Maria Soriquez and Filipina actress Garie Concepcion.

cine europa film festival movie list

And on that note,

Because of this whole-hearted effort for cross-cultural mingling, the Cine Europa film festival has earned its niche among film enthusiasts all over the country. The commencement of its event is the proof that film truly is an art that rises above cultural borders.

Films — along with music — is a universal language meant to unite men of all colors and nationalities. It’s a window to a world of great wonder; a peek at the colorful lifestyle of modern-day Europe. And we’d all be missing out if we passed up this once-in-a-year chance.

Admission to the screenings is free on a first-come, first served basis. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to SM City Iloilo on these dates: October 9 – 14 for your taste of cultural difference.

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