Take a Peek with the Oldest Golf Area at Sta. Barbara

Take a Peek with the Oldest Golf Area at Sta. Barbara



Sta. Barbara is known to be one of Iloilo’s cradles of history and culture. It is where the oldest golf course and the country club not just in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia is located. In 1907, the said golf course and country club were established by the Scottish Engineers of Philippine Railway Company.



The Golf Course and Country Club are approximately 35 hectares. The area provides a natural beauty of nature with acacia trees and ponds.



Originally, the Golf Course had only 9 holes. In the 80s, it was expanded to establish an 18-hole tournament course. If you want to play at Sta. Barbara Golf Course and Country Club, you must book for a reservation. There are houses that provide foods and refreshments for customers’ necessities. The course and country club is open from 9 am to 5 in the afternoon.

Take some time for yourself, visit Sta. Barbara, Iloilo and play golf.

Iloilo will never have a limit on adding things to your to-do-list!

Featured Image Source: Inquirer News


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