Tampisaw: An Earth Day Celebratory Festival

Tampisaw: An Earth Day Celebratory Festival

Concepcion, part of the 5th district of Iloilo annually celebrates a festival to commemorate Earth day every fourth week of the month of April – Tampisaw Festival. Tampisaw is a Hiligaynon term which means “to paddle in the water”. The term actually mirrors on people of Concepcion and Concepcion itself because of its abundance of water resources and being the livelihood of the residents. Concepcion is proud to have the first ever home-grown ecotourism festival in Region VI.


It is somewhat a celebration addressing to all the citizens to protect, conserve and nurture our mother nature. The festival primarily aims to raise awareness for environmental matters and let everyone appreciate our diverse nature resources. Several environmental activities mostly of pertaining to water are showcase and presented at the Tampisaw. Some of the activities of Tampisaw happen at one of Concepcion’s Island, Pan de Azucar Island.




Environmental activities are often being presented at Tampisaw. These are Fluvial Parade, Agro-Fishery fair to present various marine and aquatic resources of the municipality, and Game Fishing Festival. Coastal Clean-up drive has also been an annual activity that aims to keep Concepcion’s white sand beaches unpolluted. Tree planting as well is implemented in order to maintain the rich biodiversity of the area. The main highlight of Tampisaw Festival is the Search for Mutya ng Tampisaw which showcases beautiful young women wanting to be the environmental ambassadress of Concepcion. Iloilo promotes Tampisaw Festival because they want to let people engage with these environmental activities.

There are a lots of things that you can do in Iloilo. Celebrate and have fun with a cause at Tampisaw Festival!

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