The Most Common Strategies for Breaking Out of an Escape Room

The Most Common Strategies for Breaking Out of an Escape Room

Have you scheduled an escape room for this week but are feeling a bit nervous? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! What are the top ten best tricks for surviving escape rooms?

Share everything you know and have discovered.

Keep in mind that conversation often entails listening to what others have to say. Encourage everybody in the community to explain and open up about what they see. A hint may be useless to you, but it may help someone else connect the dots.

Search every nook and cranny of the room.

Pick items up and flip them over. Look around the room and on all surfaces for possible hints. Keep an eye out for low as well as high. Don’t be afraid to explore or open stuff you discover. While the escape room might put some props to distract, most objects are most likely there for a reason.

Assign tasks and delegate them according to team skills.

Many escape rooms work best for families, and there would most likely be several puzzles that you can play on simultaneously. You will save time by dividing the party into smaller groups to focus on various puzzles. Alternatively, if the space is ample, you can begin by scanning multiple areas of the room for clues. If this does not occur spontaneously, one member of the party must appear as the leader.

Look for patterns in the room and each item.

Any escape rooms have at least one or two cases in which you must search for numbers or letters to unlock a combination lock. What if you need four digits to open a combination lock but can’t find any? The other hints will likely form a sequence that will lead you to a collection of numbers.

Combine the clues you’ve found.

Combining two hints to arrive at a response is another common technique used by escape room designers. It could be a legend explaining how to read a map, or it could be two different images on opposite walls that, when merged, produce a third, more exciting sign. When there aren’t many items on the walls, you should pay more attention to what is there.

Consider all suggestions and work as a team.

Maintain a good outlook and welcome all suggestions. You never know what will or won’t work. Every room and builder is unique, and they both strive to have a unique and novel experience. And if you’ve done a hundred escape rooms, this one might have features you haven’t seen before. As a result, it’s best not to make assumptions about how things function. Don’t ignore someone else’s point of view to make them less likely to speak out in the future. It can seem to be simple people skills, but weak attitudes also thwart good escapes.


Keep everything simple.

If the solution is overly confusing, it most likely is. Clues usually direct you rather than mislead you. If you need to jot down something, the escape room will give you a tool to do so. If you don’t have something to write on, you certainly don’t need to memorize a long string of numbers or characters. If you see 50 different numbers, it is infrequent that you would need to sum them all together. There is most likely a more significant overarching trend at work. The best escape games would not waste your time. Consider the possible interpretations of a puzzle and begin there.


Change your strategies up.

If you absolutely must be trapped, do not repeat your thinking process. Clear your mind and begin again. Return to the first clue you discovered and go through each remaining clue one by one. You could come across something you skipped the first time around.

Don’t be scared to ask for help.

It can be tough to tell how much longer a game has to go. There could be even more puzzles to solve, or the escape could be just around the corner. Those that are relaxed asking for assistance can do so as soon as they suspect they will need it. If someone has been waiting around for more than a few minutes without making any progress, it’s time to ask for a clue.

Have a good time!

If you get anxious, remind yourself that it’s just a game and take a deep breath. Maintain a good attitude and resolve not to get angry at someone! Teams with positive minds are the ones that win. When you step into the escape area, you’re very likely to lose everything you’ve just read. That’s good. Excitement has a way of doing that to individuals. So, try to have a good time.

Are you prepared? Now is the time to reserve your escape room!

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