Tinapayan: Iloilo’s Prominent Bakeshop

Tinapayan: Iloilo’s Prominent Bakeshop

Iloilo has been nestled with homegrown bakeshops with their own unique specialties. And, Tinapayan has delighted Ilonggos for decades now. Tinapayan – in Hiligaynon, literally means bakeshop or bakery. Due to public demand, its branches are now scattered at any Iloilo Supermart in the city.


It has been serving Ilonggos with quality baked bread and delicacies, not to mention their mouthwatering cakes.  It’s also been their remark to offer locals their soft loaf bread and the so-called best pandesal in town!

It was my classmate’s birthday, the first time I tasted their chocolate cake. Surprisingly, I was pleased and asked my classmate to give me the rest of the cake. Their cakes and pastries are perfect for any occasion! Even their cupcakes and other sweet delights are perfect for pasalubong, gift idea, or just to satisfy your sweet cravings.


Annually, Tinapayan celebrates a Chocolate Festival during the month of September. It is a showcase of appetizing chocolate sweets made by Tinapayan. It can be cakes, brownies, choco bread, or any sweet pastry with a chocolate twist. There is also a Chocolate Cake Decorating Contest participated by several schools and universities. With this, it helps young cake designer aspirants to hone and show their skills. Every Christmas and New Year season, Tinapayan, as well, offers premium cakes to please its customers with a new mixture of tastes.

For more information about Tinapayan, you can visit their Facebook page – www.facebook.com/Tinapayan-Bakeshop-Iloilo-571171719575998/  

If you come and visit Iloilo, don’t forget to drop by at any Tinapayan outlet and buy pasalubong for your loved ones! You can also check-out Iloilo’s one-stop pasalubong center – Biscocho Haus.

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