Travel to Iloilo with Hiligaynon Words and Phrases Inside Your Pocket

Travel to Iloilo with Hiligaynon Words and Phrases Inside Your Pocket

Recognized for its mellow and calm tone, Ilonggos are honored of this characteristic, for it mirrors its amusing historical and refined upbringing. The locals of the Metropolitan and Province of Iloilo and most part of Western Visayas speak Hiligaynon.

Here are a few of the basic Hiligaynon words and phrases that a traveler possibly will bargain convenient while discovering Iloilo.

English Hiligaynon
Good morning! Ma-ayong aga!
Good afternoon! Ma-ayong hapon!
Good evening! Ma-ayong gab-i!
Please Palihug
Tomorrow Buwas
Now Subong
Excuse me Excuse palihug
Yes Huo
No Indi
How are you? Kamusta ka?
My name is… Ang ngalan ko…
How much? Tagpila?
Do you have…? May ara kamo sang…?
Sorry Patawad
What is your name? Ano ngalan mo haw?
I don’t understand Indi ko kaintiyende
Do you speak (English)? Maka-hambal ka sang (Ingles)?
Do you understand (English)? Maka-intiyende ka sang (Ingles)?
Do you know where (…) is? Tultulan mo kung diin ang (…)?
It tastes good! Namit gid!
I like you Gusto ta ka
You are beautiful Ka-gwapa sa imo
You are handsome Ka-gwapo sa imo
I’ll be going to… Makadto ako sa…
I do have… May ari ako sang…
I don’t have… Wala ako sang…
I’ll be back here at Iloilo Mabalik ako dire sa IloIlo


Here in Iloilo, like everywhere else around the world, the universal language is the kindness which everyone has the capability to express.

When it comes to expressing one’s interest to a special someone, Ilonggos also have their own way.

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