Ways of Ilonggos in Saying “I Like You” to a Special Someone

Ways of Ilonggos in Saying “I Like You” to a Special Someone

Ways of Ilonggos in Saying “I Like You” to a Special Someone

“Gusto taka.” is a direct Hiligaynon translation of “I Like You.” but how does an Ilonggo or Ilongga express his or her liking to someone without using these words?

Indirect. Ilonggos and Ilonggas don’t express their liking to a person directly,instead, they use words like “kabuot simo” (you are kind), “nami ka updon” (you’re good to be with) or “ganami pamatyag ko kung mastorya taka” (I feel good whenever I talk to you). Ilonggos and Ilonggas are also indirect in the way that they ask for your information and preferences through your mutual friends.

Irritating you in a nice way. Ilonggos value a bit of humor so when someone plays a joke on you, don’t be offended as it may be a sign of affection. Remember that they like to see your facial expression.

Sharing their favorite food with you. Ilonggos are fond of eating and exploring new foods but you’ll know if they like you if they share their favorite food with you. It is the Ilonggo way of not just feeding you but also letting you experience their feeling when they eat that food.

Letting you experience their hobbies. It is not that they just want you to see what they do, it is that they are showing you who they really are. It is also showing you that they need you to take part in what makes them happy.

Bringing you to their family. For Ilonggos it is a must that their family knows you, it is a great honor for them to show you to their family and it is also their way of letting you feel special.

In the end, there is no exact way of expressing how a person feels, the most important thing is sincerity.

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