Why Should You Learn Typing Online?

Why Should You Learn Typing Online?

With the increase in our reliance on technology, touch-typing has become a necessary skill to learn. More and more people are using electronic devices both for work and personal activities. No matter what we do, we’re not able to escape the reality that typing is an important skill to have. This is why it has been essential for people to learn typing online.

Every day, we write emails, send text messages, create reports, and post on social media. Even the corporate world and the educational system have not been exempted by the necessity of typing. Schools require students to submit essays while plenty of companies want employees who know their way on the computer.

In the modern world, typing faster and better is not only a requirement but also comes with plenty of benefits. So, if you want to enjoy these benefits, you’ll have to learn typing online.

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What Is Touch-Typing?

Touch-typing is a skill where you will be able to type on your computer without looking at your keyboard. It’s the aptitude to take advantage of your muscle memory to locate the keys. The skill allows you to type without the help of all of your fingers and sense of sight.

It’s worth remembering that every key on your keyboard corresponds with a particular finger. Touch-typing will help you improve your accuracy and speed. This is why it’s essential that you learn typing online.

The Importance Of Typing Accurately In Modern Life

If you learn typing online, you’ll have high accuracy and fast typing speed. Plenty of work requires a high level of typing skill such as writer, receptionist, data entry clerk, or secretary.

At the workplace, having a fast typing speed and higher accuracy will not only save you time but also money. You and your company can greatly benefit from you being a better typist. When you need to regularly type at your work, being able to type better, you can do things at a lesser time. However, if you commit plenty of mistakes, you’ll spend more time correcting them. In companies where writing is part of everyday tasks, your boss will have to hire a proofreader or editor just to check your work. This is why touch-typing is such an important 21st century skill.

If you want to learn touch-typing, you should learn typing online. Online is a great place where there are plenty of free programs that you can take advantage of.

The Advantages Of Learning How To Type Properly

1. Have More Job Opportunities

The average speed of a professional typist is between 50 wpm and 80 wpm. However, in a spoken conversation it is between 110 wpm and 150 wpm. If you’re able to type at 80 wpm or more, then you’ll be able to type every word spoken. However, if you have 95% or more accuracy and average typing speed, you can easily get considered for a job. Most employers see people who can type swiftly and precisely to be more productive.

2. Be More Productive

The more time you spend working on tasks, the fewer accomplishments you’ll have. If you spend less time typing and fewer mistakes you make, you can become more productive. If you spend half an hour writing a 300-word description, you can spend the rest of your time getting other things done.

3. Save Time

If you’re able to type faster and better, you can save more time. If your typing speed is only 30 wpm and you can increase it to 60 wpm, you’re decreasing the time you spend on typing jobs to half. And if you can accurately, you’ll spend less time making corrections on your work.

4. Improve Your Focus

If you have mastered touch-typing, you can focus solely on your work instead of trying the right keys to press. You also don’t need to keep checking on your key-placement, while improving your focus.

5. Improve Your Posture And Prevent Health Problems

If you can learn typing online accurately, you will be able to maintain a proper posture. Sitting down while hunched over or looking down on your computer will result in back problems or even worse. Plus, if you use all your fingers while typing, you can avoid wrist and hand-related repetitive stress injuries.

6. Reduce fatigue

When you type for long periods of time while bending your head over your computer, you’ll end up exhausted. However, if you can learn typing online properly.

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Where Can You Learn Typing Online?

Now that you know the benefits and importance of typing faster and better, you should make time to learn typing online. If you’re looking for a platform where you can learn touch-typing, look no further than TypeDojo.

TypeDojo is proud to have progressive lessons that are easy to follow. They also have typing tests that help you check out everything you have learned. You can also enjoy their typing games that are not only fun but also educational. This is why you should try TypeDojo out if you want to learn typing online.

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