Words of Wisdom from Miriam: The Iron Lady of Asia

Words of Wisdom from Miriam: The Iron Lady of Asia

MiriamMiriam Defensor Santiago, a native of Iloilo City, was a popular political activist who fought for human rights. She had already proven herself as she passed a total of 1324 bills and some of those were approved to be laws for the betterment of the Philippines and its citizens. Some of the laws that were authored by Santiago were Magna Carta For Women, Sin Tax Law, Anti-bullying Law, Cybercrime Law, Reproductive Health Act, Climate Change Act and more. A woman who strived for her country and not for herself – this could be best description for a woman like Miriam Santiago. She protests and speaks in behalf of the people, that’s why she is called the ‘Iron Lady of Asia.’

30 books were already written by Santiago and were all published. Santiago had also produced humored books which made her even more recognized. It was her way to move-on and cope up with life’s struggles. “Stupid is Forever” was her first book full with witty lines and pick-up lines. The book was awarded as the best-selling book of 2014, selling 110,000 copies in just a month. A sequel of the book was entitled, “Stupid is Forevermore.” It’s worth it to be bought because you’ll surely learn a lot.

Some lines included in her books were:

On Love

“Kung asukal ka, ako naman ay sago, wala akong kwenta kung wala ang tamis ang mo.”

“If you are in a relationship, stop trying to figure out who wears the pants between the two of you. Relationships work best when both of you are not wearing pants.”

On Marriage

“Five tips for a happy man’s life: Have a girl to help you at work, have a girl to take care of you and love you, have a girl who can make you laugh, have a girl who spoils you and lastly and most importantly, siguraduhin na hindi magkakilala ang apat na babaeng yon.”

“Marriages are made in heaven. But then again, so are thunder and lightning.”

On Life Struggles

“I went to see a pulmonologist and then she said, ‘I’m sorry but you have cancer.’ And I said ‘Yes, because I wanted a challenge in my life.”

On Politics

“I have realized why corrupt politicians do nothing to improve the quality of public school education. They are terrified of educated voters.”

Funny Jokes

“Kapag wala ka nang maisagot sa exam, ilagay ninyo ‘Red Horse’ dahil ito ang tama. Pero kung gusto niyo mas sigurado, isulat ninyo ‘Magmahal,’ dahil kailanman, hindi mali ang magmahal.”

“Ang sarap siguro pagmasdan na naglalakad ang taong mahal mo na may kasamang iba.. Habang umuulan ng bato, semento, yero, bomba at kutsilyo.”

Politically or humorously speaking, Santiago meant everything she said and a woman of her words.

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